Graff-Pinkert sells INDEX Multispindle screw machines such as the INDEX MS32C, INDEX MS52C, INDEX MS40C, INDEX MS42C, INDEX MS22C, and INDEX MS16C. The INDEX MS line are one of the most popular late model CNC multispindle screw machines worldwide. The INDEX MS machines are capable of some of the tightest tolerances achievable for CNC multispindles. INDEX multi-spindles are capable of producing very intricate, complex parts due to the machines' design of 6 main spindles, up to 6 counter spindles and a maximum of 17 tool slides. The CNC technology and spacious work area enable the INDEX MS machines to be changed over to new jobs quickly. The the open front design of the INDEX MS multispindles enables the machines to be changed to a chucker easily. 

Graff-Pinkert also sells INDEX CNC Lathes such as the INDEX ABC Speedline. The INDEX ABC Speedline comes in diameters of 42mm, 60mm and 65mm. The machines are highly regarded as one of the best CNC lathes of its capacity. They are very fast, and precise.

Graff-Pinkert is always looking for used INDEX machines such the INDEX ABC Speedline, INDEX MS machines, and INDEX C100, INDEX C200. If you know of any other types of late model CNC INDEX machines available on the used market, please contact Graff-Pinkert.


INDEX MS42C Multi-Spindle Screw Machine. Mfd. 1999.
INDEX Stock Reel.
6 Spindles
42mm Capacity
Knoll Chip System
Still in Production
2 Machines Available

  • INDEX MS-32C

INDEX MS32C. Mfd. 2005. IEMCA SIR loader (4 meters). Knoll Chip Conveyor. Control: Siemens C200-4D. Machine still in production. Contact Graff-Pinkert for further specifications and photos.


INDEX ABC CNC Lathe. Mfd. 1998.

Siemens Sinumerik Control

2 Turrets

Bar Loader

  • INDEX MS-32C

INDEX MS32C. Mfd. 2005. IEMCA SIR loader (4 meters). Knoll Chip Conveyor. Siemens C200-4D Control. Tooled as pictured. Currently running production.

INDEX MS42C, Mfd. 1995
6-Spindles, 42mm
Knoll Chip Conveyor and Chiller
One tool at each position

  • INDEX MS32 B

INDEX MS32B, Mfd. 1997. 6-spindles, 32mm diameter. IEMCA SIR Bundle Loader. Tooled as pictured. In production.


INDEX MS42C, Mfd. 1994
6-Spindles, 42mm
Knoll Chip Conveyor
Tooled as pictured

  • INDEX G250 CNC Turning Center

INDEX G250 CNC Turning Center. 
C-200-4D (Siemens 840D) control. 
Programmable Steady Rest (20-165mm)
Full B-Axis, Programmable Tailstock
Chip Blaster (300 PSI @ 20gpm)


INDEX MS42C, Mfd. 1999
6-Spindles, 42mm
3.4 Meter Pietro Cucchi Loader
Tooled as pictured.

  • INDEX MS-32C

INDEX MS32C. Mfd. 2004. IEMCA SIR loader (4 meters).

  • INDEX MS32 P

INDEX MS32-P. Mfd. 2000. IEMCA SIR 4 meter loader. 

  • Index C200

INDEX C200 CNC Turning and Milling Center Mfd. 2012 (Delivered 2013).
With very few spindle hours

Main Spindle and Counter Spindle
3 Turrets
Y-Axis on Turret 1 and 2

  • INDEX C200

Index C200 CNC Turning and Milling Center. Mfd. 2012

Main Spindle and Counter Spindle
Y-Axis on Turret 1 and 2
Spindle Hollow 65mm


INDEX MS32P. Mfd. 2000. 4 meter Iemca Loader. Reasonably priced. (2) Machines Available.

Contact us for more specifications.

  • Index MS52C

INDEX MS52C. Mfd. 2006. 6-spindles, 52mm. With IEMCA SIR loader mfd. 2013, Knoll Chip Conveyor, and Chiller.

  • INDEX MS32 B

INDEX MS32-B, Mfd. 1998. IEMCA SIR 4 meter bar loader. 

  • INDEX G250

INDEX G250 CNC Turning Center. Mfd. 2010. Hardly used. With Y-B Axis. Comes with 12 Live tools, 20 VDI 40, 18 HSK A63. Call for full specifications.

  • INDEX G200

Index G200 CNC Lathe. Mfd. 2012. Compact model. With 1.5 meter Fedek Bar Loader, Loading conveyor. Chip Conveyor. C200-4D Control. C-axis.

Ask for a quote for more specifications.

  • INDEX MS32 P

INDEX MS32P. With 4 meter Iemca bar loader. Mfd. 2001. With Pickoff attachment.

  • INDEX MS 25E Multi-spindle Screw Machine

INDEX MS 25E, 6-spindle, 25mm multi-spindle screw machine. Motor and controls, stock stand and reel. SN: MS 25E 18103.


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