INDEX R200 CNC Milling Center

INDEX R200 CNC Milling Center

With Linear Guides
Index milling center with linear guide 
Siemens 840D 
Tool carrier 1 with motor milling spindle tool system 
HSK A40, tool carrier 2 with motor milling spindle HSK A40
2x3 fixed tool stations VDI25 on WT1 XYB
2x3 fixed tool stations VDI25 on WT2 XYB
Main spindle D65 
Counter spindle D65
Cooling water interface for machine cooling 
Cooling unit for cooling the spindles and the machine cabinet 
Electronic shaft for spindles and drive devices 
Expansion stages 
Main spindle stop device incl. coolant through HSP with solenoid valve 
Coolant over main spindle 
Expansion stages counter spindle stop device incl. coolant through GSP with solenoid valve 
Coolant through counter spindle 
Accuracy package 5-axis machine equipment 
Gantry removal device
Conveyor belt finished part
Hinged belt conveyor 1250 mm with lifting pump
Chip ejection on the right KSS supply and fine cleaning
Pure water tank 1500 x 1010 x 600 with approx. 
900 liter capacity
Coolant pump 8 bar on cleaning system
Medium-high pressure pump 20 bar on cleaning system
High pressure pump emulsion 16 l/min, oil 33 l/ min max. 80 bar 
Fine cooling lubricant cleaning through compact belt filter on the right type KF150 
Filter fleece type PN 100/100-540NC optionTransmit/Tracyl for C-axis
Bar loading magazine INDEX LMS 3200 SBL
Unscrewing device for SBL
Virtual machine for R200 VirtualPro
Opus tool manager



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