How to Connect Efficiently with Manufacturing Customers, with Adar Hay–Ep. 160

July 29, 2022 - 3:35pm -- Selcuk Gulboy
Adar Hay, co-founder and CEO of Jiga

Our guest on today’s podcast is Adar Hay, co-founder and CEO of Jiga, a company providing a web platform for manufacturing buyers and suppliers to communicate and establish new relationships. It’s ironic how in today’s world, in which we have so many channels to communicate and network, it’s still complicated to do those things well. Jiga’s mission is to simplify those processes.

Should I Buy the Expensive or Cheaper CNC Machine? With Justin Tauber–Ep. 159

July 14, 2022 - 3:15pm -- Noah Graff

Our guest on today’s podcast is Justin Tauber, co-owner and Vice President of Integrated Machinery Systems (IMS), a machine tool distributor in Itasca, Illinois. 

Justin’s company sells a wide variety of machine tools, ranging from turning machines, machining centers, grinders, 3D printers and automation equipment. In our interview, Justin discussed the merits of high-end expensive European machine tools as well as the advantages of lower cost brands built in Taiwan. If you’re currently thinking about purchasing a new CNC machine, I think you will find this interview useful.

Cheaper Brass, Rising Celery

July 13, 2022 - 2:13am -- Selcuk Gulboy

What if the popular wisdom is wrong? As usual. 

For many decades, the consensus was that if inflation gets too hot, the Federal Reserve must raise interest rates to tame it. Reduce demand for goods and services by making them more expensive, then people will purchase less and the pressure on prices will seep out like air in a balloon. It makes sense, seemingly. The Fed is the only powerful force capable of doing this in the American economy because Congress and the President have become helpless beasts stuck in Washington sludge, incapable of reducing federal spending.

Manufacturing in Africa? With Edwin Mbinkar–EP 158

June 30, 2022 - 3:31pm -- Selcuk Gulboy
Edwin Mbinkar, Director of Engineering High Tech Centre Yaoundé, Cameroon

I came into contact with Edwin Nyuysever Mbinkar a month ago, when he sent an email to Graff-Pinkert inquiring about an expensive Mikron 5-axis machining center on our website. He explained that he was the manager of a High Tech Centre (British spelling of “Center”) in Cameroon, and he wanted his school to have the first 5-axis machining center in the country.

Inflation, Recession, Pretzels?

June 28, 2022 - 12:30pm -- Selcuk Gulboy

You are confused about inflation, interest rates, recession—your job. I’m not going to act like the Wall Street economist who knows less than nothing, but proclaims there is a 10% to 90% chance of recession to justify their million-dollar paycheck. 

I’m going to tell you what is going to happen over the next year. Give me a grade next July 4th when the fireworks go off.


Trading Sanity for Stability in a Machining Company, with Matt Wardle—EP 157

June 13, 2022 - 4:18pm -- Selcuk Gulboy

By Noah Graff

Today’s guest on the podcast is Matt Wardle, owner and President of JD Machine Corp. in Ogden, Utah. JD Machine currently produces around 4,000 active part numbers, serving a diverse group of sectors, which include aerospace, defense, and medical.

Matt says he sometimes envies other machining companies who have a more narrow focus on the types of parts they produce because it simplifies their operations. Yet, he insists that producing a diverse group of parts is the best path for his company to have longterm success.

How a Machining Company Thrives after 108 years in Business, with Michael Ottenweller and Terry Hanson—EP 156

June 8, 2022 - 3:29pm -- Selcuk Gulboy
Michael Ottenweller and Terry Hanson

By Noah Graff

Our guests on today’s show are Michael Ottenweller and Terry Hanson, of Ottenweller Company, a medium-sized fabrication and machining company headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ottenweller is a 108-year-old fourth generation family business. I spoke with Michael and Terry about how a family business can grow and thrive for over a century and continue to find new quality talent.


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