Euroturn (Mori-Say ZPS)

ZPS 8/32 CNC Screw Machine

NEW: 2013 (Rebuilt)



Round.....................................32 mm

  • Euroturn 6/32

Euroturn 6-32
Mfd. 1998
Control: Allen Bradley 
32mm Bar Capacity
Pickoff Attachment
Chip Conveyor
Giovanni Cucchi Euro-Loader


Full CNC Muti-Spindle Screw Machine
8 Spindles
Capacity 67mm
Siemens Control
Stock Reel and Stand
Chip Conveyor

With PRA bundle loader

  • Euroturn 8/32-M

Euroturn (ZPS) 8/32-M  

Mfd. 1999
Type: SAY 8/42
SN: 221134-0156

With Motor & Controlls
8 Spindles
42mm Capacity

  • Mori-Say 8/32 S Spindle Stopper

Pietro Cucchi Loader PB35 for Mori-Say (Euroturn 8/32), 3.3 meters

Mfd. 1996

  • Mori-Say 8/32S

Mori-Say (Euroturn) 8/32 S, Mfd. 1997. With Spindle Stopping, Pickoff Back Finish, Threading, 8 Spindles, 32mm capacity, PB35 Pietro Cucchi Loader, Balluff Control, Chip Conveyor.

  • Euroturn 8-32 Spindle Stopper

Euroturn (Mori-Say) 8-32 Spindle Stopper. SN: 221133-0211. Mfd. 2000. With Pickoff and Back Finish, Drum and Support, Siemens Control, Chip Conveyor, PRA 40/38F Bar Loader.

  • Euroturn (ZPS) 8-32S

Euroturn 8-32S, Multi-spindle Screw Machine. Remanufactured 2012. Less than 6-months runtime. Machine run only 1,400 hours. Pickup/Back Finish, Threading Clutch, Siemans Servo Feed Drive.

  • Mori-Say 6-42

Euroturn 6-42 (ZPS) (Mori-Say). 6-Spindle 42mm Screw Machine. Mfd. 1997. Motor and controls (Allen Bradley control), Pickup attachment, Back Finish attachment, Universal Threading Clutches.

  • Euroturn (ZPS) 6-32M, Multi-spindle Screw Machine

Euroturn 6-32M (ZPS) (Mori-Say). 6 Spindles. Spindles expanded to 42mm Screw Machine. Mfd.

  • Euroturn 8-32 (ZPS, Mori-Say)

Euroturn 8-32 SUS/N 221133-0260,With C.E. Mark,Mfd.

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