Graff-Pinkert stocks the most used Hydromat rotary transfer machines of any machinery dealer in the North America. Graff-Pinkert carries 10-station, 12-station and 16-station Hydromats, including the following models: Pro-20, HW 25-12, HB 45-12, and HB 32/45-16. Both bar machines and chuckers are available. Graff-Pinkert contains a vast supply of Hydromat units, enabling the company to set up machines for customers' specific jobs. This differentiates Graff-Pinkert from most other Hydromat resellers who can only sell machines as-is with only the units the machine came with. PCM, HSK, quick-change and older style units are available in Graff-Pinkert's extensive supply of Hydromat units. Not sure if a Hydromat is the right machine for your job? Send us a print and Graff-Pinkert can advise you whether a Hydromat is best option for your needs. When you buy a Hydromat from Graff-Pinkert, you will recieve a clean machine, with units of your choice and a 30-day guarantee. Very few used machinery dealers can offer this.

  • Hydromat Pro 20 HW 20-10

Hydromat Pro 20 HW 20-10 
Mfd. 1997 
SN: 20/10
24,238,285 cycles 
20mm Capacity
10 Stations
Bar Feeder/Loader 
Knoll Chip Conveyor 

Hydromat EPIC R/T HB45-12, 

s/n HB45-308, 

mfd. 2014, 

Hydromat EPIC R/T HB32/45-16, 

s/n HB32-743, 

mfd. 2015, 

Hydromat EPIC R/T HW25-12, 

s/n HW25-868, 

mfd. 2005, 

  • Knoll Chip Conveyor System

Knoll Chip Conveyor System for HW25-12 Hydromat. (2 Available)

  • Hydromat Bar Feed

Standard Hydromat 4-Meter Bar Feeds. (2 Available)

Hydromat EPIC R/T HB32/45-16, 

s/n HB32-639, 

mfd. 2006, 

Hydromat HB-32/45-16,

Mfg. 2005,

Position 1 - Hydraulic Cylinder Load and FANUC LM Mate 200iC Robot

Position 2 - 35/60

Position 3 - EPIC 50/100 Contour/Recess



1 cutting-off unit Gr3 (saw 160 mm)

5 units VE 36/100-S.IK

1 unit VE 36/100-S

2 recessing units EIE 36/100

  • Hydromat HB45-16 

Hydromat HB45-16 

SN: 030381
Rebuilt in 2006 by Hydromat
With Saw
Bar Feed
Inverter and assorted units
1.8 Million Cycles after rebuild

  • Hydromat EPIC RT 45-12

Hydromat EPIC RT HB45-12

New 2005

12 stations, 9 Horizontal and 3 vertical . 

  • Hydromat EPIC HS16-44

Machine EPIC RT HS-16-44 

Mfd. 2005

Number Of Current Station Set Up- Horizontal: 15
Number Of Current Station Set Up-- Vertical: 3

  • Hydromat EPIC R/T V12

Hydromat EPIC R/T V12

Vertical Trunnion CNC Transfer Machine

Mfd. 2007
Comes Equipped with:
Touchscreen Operator Control

  • Hydromat EPIC RT 25-12

Hydromat EPIC RT 25-12

SN: HW25-946
Mfd. 2006
With hydraulic pack
bar loader
chip conveyor with coolant sump platform

Pos. 1: 20 Series saw

  • Hydromat HB32/45-16

Hydromat  HB32/45-16

Date of delivery: 12/22/1997
Rebuilt with CNC XP cabinet added in 2009 by Hydromat 
IEMCA 16' Bundle Barfeeder Type F 560/51 F 

  • Hydromat HB45-12

Hydromat HB45-12

Mfd. 1988
Bundle Bar Feed, Inverter
Chip Conveyor
Assorted Units

  • Cutoff Saw for Hydromat HB45/12

Cutoff Saw for Hydromat HB45/12

2 Machines Available

  • Hydromat Pro 20

Hydromat Pro-20

S/N: HW20-70
Mfd. 1998
Cycles 10,497,535
with electrics
Hydraulic Pack
Electronic Bar Loader
PLC Control G.E. Fanuc 9-30

  • Hydromat Pro 20

Hydromat Pro-20

S/N: HW20-87
Mfd. 2000
Rebuilt in 2012
Cycles 10,937,686
with electrics
Hydraulic Pack
Electronic Bar Feeder

  • Hydromat Epic 32/45

Hydromat EPIC HB32/16

With IEMCA Bundle Bar Feed
Cut off Saw
EPIC R/T Control
Chip Conveyor with special filtration system for running aluminum


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