Graff-Pinkert stocks the most used Hydromat rotary transfer machines of any machinery dealer in the North America. Graff-Pinkert carries 10-station, 12-station and 16-station Hydromats, including the following models: Pro-20, HW 25-12, HB 45-12, and HB 32/45-16. Both bar machines and chuckers are available. Graff-Pinkert contains a vast supply of Hydromat units, enabling the company to set up machines for customers' specific jobs. This differentiates Graff-Pinkert from most other Hydromat resellers who can only sell machines as-is with only the units the machine came with. PCM, HSK, quick-change and older style units are available in Graff-Pinkert's extensive supply of Hydromat units. Not sure if a Hydromat is the right machine for your job? Send us a print and Graff-Pinkert can advise you whether a Hydromat is best option for your needs. When you buy a Hydromat from Graff-Pinkert, you will recieve a clean machine, with units of your choice and a 30-day guarantee. Very few used machinery dealers can offer this.

  • Hydromat HW 25-12

Hydromat HW25-12, Mfd. 1995. 12 Stations, 25mm. Bar feed, saw, inverter, chip conveyor, assorted units, PLC. Machine just taken out of production.

  • Hydromat Hydraulic Valves

Hydromat Hydraulic Valves. Various Types

  • Hydromat HB32/45-16

Hydromat HB32/45-16, Mfd. 2010. 16-Stations. Saw, bar feed, Inverter, Units as pictured, including (6) CNC units and (2) Vertical units.

  • Hydromat HB45-12

Hydromat Pfiffner HB45-12. Mfd. 2001, with 4 meter bar bundle style loader, Saw and Inverter. Units as pictured. One Kininger fine tuning unit with servo motor.

  • Hydromat EPIC HW25-12

Hydromat EPIC HW25-12. Full CNC Rotary transfer machine. Mfd. 2013. Bar feed, saw, inverter, assorted units and tooling, presetter. Less than 1000 hours of use. Contact us for a detailed quote.

  • Hydromat Recess/Turn Unit with head

Hydromat Recess-Turn Unit with head. 20-Series. $12,500

  • Hydromat 40-Series Recess-turn Unit

Hydromat Recess-Turn Unit with Flange


  • Hydromat Unit Motors

Hydromat Unit Motors. Various sizes. Call for pricing.

  • Hydromat 20/80 Series Unit

Hydromat Drilling/Turning Unit, 20/80 Series.  Many in Stock.

Price: $5,500

  • Hydromat Standard Flanges

Hydromat Standard Flanges, for all sizes of units.



Hydromat Cutoff Saw. 40-series.

(3) Saws available. $13,500-$17,500.

  • Hydromat 26-80 Drilling/Turning Unit, PCM style

Hydromat 26-80 Drilling/Turning Unit. PCM style. 

Price $7,000

  • Hydromat EPIC 36-100  Turning/Drilling Unit, HSK style

Hydromat 36-100 Drilling/Turning Unit. HSK style. For EPIC CNC Hydromat. Rebuilt.

  • Hydromat 36-100 HSK Drilling/Turning Unit

Hydromat 36-100 Drilling/Turning Unit. HSK style. With Gear Reduction Gear Box.

  • Hydromat HW 25-12 CNC Rotary Transfer Machine

Hydromat HW25-12, Mfd. 2001, 12,800,000 cycles, motors and controls, electrical box, hydraulic pack, chip conveyor with sump, bar feeder.

Mfd. 2010. Saw, bundle loader, inverter, assorted units. Call for more details.

Mfd. 2010. With saw, barfeed, inverter, assorted units. Call for more details.

  • Hydromat HB32-16

Hydromat HB32-16.  With 40/80 Saw, 20/50 Inverter, 4 meter standard Hydromat bar feed, High Pressure Pump, and assorted units, 

  • Hydromat HB32-16

Hydromat HB32-16. With saw, bar feed, inverter, and assorted units, Siemens PLC.


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