Durr Ecoclean

  • Durr Ecoclean 80C Compact

Durr Ecoclean 80C Compact

SN: 13239


Solvent Based Parts Washer

Isopar H


Hrs. 24751


Baskets: 2


  • Durr Ecoclean 81C

Durr Ecoclean 81C 

Solvent Based Parts Washer

Mfd. 2012

SN: 15392

31,000 Cycles

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  • Durr Ecoclean 81C

Durr Ecoclean 81C

Solvent Based Parts Washer

  • Durr EcoBase C2/P2 Parts Washer (rebuilt 2015)

Durr EcoBase C2/P2 Hydrocarbon Parts Washer
Lab machine originally built in 2010. Rebuilt and delivered in 2015.

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  • Durr EcoClean 81W

Durr EcoClean 81W

Aqueous Parts Washer

Very little use

Durr Ecoclean Compact 80C

Hydrocarbon Cleaning System.

Refurbished in 2018 with:

  • Durr Ecoclean Mini 85C

Durr Ecoclean Mini 85C Cleaning Machine

Sealed Vacuum Vapor Degreasing. 
Distills Solvent
Uses High Temp Safety Solvent
Has Ultrasonic
S.N. 14039

  • Durr EcoClean 81C

Durr Ecoclean 81C Mfd. 2005. Good working condition. Solvent based parts cleaner.

  • Durr Ecoclean 86 W5

Durr Ecoclean 86 W5 Aqueous Degreaser. Holds 2,200 gallons. 4 progressive rinse tanks and final drying station. 95 KW heat capacity. 4000 watt utrasonics. Siemens control. Comes with 9 baskets.

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