• Starrett Sigma Comparator
Starrett Sigma Comparator

Starrett Sigma Comparator, Model HB350, recently calibrated. SN: 1102

Price: $1,500

  • Tschudin HTG600
Tschudin HTG600

Tschudin HTG600

Cylindrical Grinder
S.N. 66222

  • Walter Helitronic Minipower
Walter Helitronic Minipower

Walter Helitronic Minipower CNC Cutter/Grinder
mfd 1998

5 Axes
Maximum Tool Diameter:  4"
Maximum Grind Length:  7.9"

  • Schutte WU 305T
Schutte WU 305

Schutte WU 305
CNC Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

Mfd. 2006 
Type: WU305 "Trend" 
Series: 2 
Control: Siemens 840D
Axis: 5 
Power: 480V 60Hz 

  • Walter Helitronic Power 400 CNC Grinder
Walter Helitronic 400 CNC Grinder

Walter Helitronic Power 400 CNC Grinder. Mfd. 1997. SN: 6526. Comes with several diamond wheel packs.

Agathon 255 CL CNC Centerless Grinder

This machine includes: A. Automatic wheel balancingB. Rotary diamond dressing device, including the dressing discC. Agathon concentric grinding attachmentD.

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