Graff-Pinkert carries a large selection of 6- and 8-spindle Acme-Gridley multispindle screw machines. Graff-Pinkert carries 6-spindle Acme multi-spindles including: 1" RAN-6, 1-1/4" RA-6, 2" RB-6, 2-5/8" RB-6, 3-1/2" RB-6, and 4" RB-6. Graff-Pinkert also sells, 8-spindle Acme-Gridley machines including: 1-1/4" RB-8, 1-5/8 RB8, 1-5/8 RBN-8, 2" RB-8, 2-5/8" RB-8, 3-1/2" RB-8, and 4" RB8 screw machines. We sell refurbished 1-5/8" RBN-8 Acmes.
Graff-Pinkert carries an assortment of Acme attachments, including threading, pickoff, back-finish, and accelerated reaming. Graff-Pinkert will provide you with an Acme screw machine that will be ready to run when it reaches your shop floor. Our talented staff can redo the electrics on Acmes, change spindle bearings on Acmes, and put attachments on the Acmes. Unless machines are sold in as-is condition, Graff-Pinkert's talented staff cleans and paints our Acme screw machines. Our head cleaner/painter Hector, who has been cleaning and painting machines at Graff-Pinkert for 35 years is so meticulous in his work, we often refer to his painted machines as "Rembrandts." If you need an Acme Gridley Multi-Spindle, there is no better place to buy one than Graff-Pinkert.
  • Acme 1-5/8" RBN-8

Acme 1-5/8" RBN-8,
s/n AM-40529,
mfd. 1974;
with motor and controls;
stock reel and stand;

Acme 2" RB-8,

s/n 85699, 

Mfd. 1985, 

With motor and controls, 

Stock reel and stand, 

6 cross slides with 3rd and 6th position being shelf type, 

  • ACME-GRIDLEY 3/4" RA-8 (Rebuilt)

ACME-GRIDLEY 3/4" RA-8 (Rebuilt)

SN: BD-70339

120 Hrs. production time since rebuild

5th pos logan threading, 

logan hi-low, 

cyclo index, 

Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RA-6

SN: 71629-C
1-1/4" Capacity

Mfd 1982

Stock Reel and Stand, 

5 cross slides, 

  • ACME GRIDLEY 2" RB-8 Spindle Stopper

Acme 2" RB-8 Spindle Stopper, 

s/n 85572, 

mfd. 1975. *In-house rebuild five years ago.

 With motor and controls, stock reel and stand,

Acme 1" RAN-6


SN: C-23054-N 

Mfg. 1974

Motor and Controls

Stock reel and stand,

Logan high/Low clutches

Cyclo Index, 

Acme 1” RAN-6,
s/n B-23086-N,
mfd. 1964.
Rebuilt by Pride 2002 with motor and controls;
Stock reel and stand;
cross slides positions 6, 1, 3, 4, 5.

  • Acme 1” RAN-6,

Acme 1” RAN-6,
s/n C-23380-N,
mfd. 1982;
with motor and controls;
cross slides positions 6, 1, 3, 4.
Has Turlo polygon flat generating in 4th position;

  • Acme 2” RB-8

Acme 2” RB-8

s/n 85679,

mfd. 1980,

ACME-GRIDLEY 1-1/4".  
SN: 71873-B.  

Mfd 1970

Stock reel and stand,

5 cross slides, 

4th position Logan threading, 

Universal conveyor. 

  • Acme-Gridley 2” RB-8

Acme-Gridley 2” RB-8

S/N 85646,

Mfd. 1979,

ACME-GRIDLEY 3/4" RA-8 Multi-Spindle Screw Machine
SN: BD 70097
3/4" Capacity
8 Spindles
ETS to Stem: .002
6 Slides
With threading attachment

  • Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RA-6

Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RA-6
S/N 71586-B,
Stock reel and stand,
4th position universal threading,
5th position air pickup with back finishing,
Splash guards,

  • ACME-GRIDLEY 5/8" RN-6 (exterior)


  • ACME-GRIDLEY 3/4" RA-8

ACME-GRIDLEY 3/4" RA-8 Multi-Spindle Screw Machine
SN: BD 70256
3/4" Capacity
8 Spindles
ETS to Stem: .002
6 Slides
With High Speed Drilling attachment

  • Acme-Gridley 2-5/8" RB-6

Acme-Gridley 2-5/8" RB-6

Mfd. 1975 

ETS to Stem Lift .0015.
6 Spindles
2-5/8" Capacity
With motor and controls
Stock reel and stand

  • Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8

Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8

  • Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8

Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8

mfd. 1984
s/n AM-40844
With motor and controls
stock reel and stand
cross slides positions 8, 1, 3 shelf, 4, 5

  • Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8

Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8

8 Spindles, 1-1/4" Capacity
Pickoff Attachment
Cyclo Index
Chip Conveyor
Stock Reel and Stand

2 Machines Available

  • ACME 1 5/8” RBN-8.


Eight spindles, 1-5/8" capacity.
New in the 1990
Pickoff Attachment.
Chip conveyor, stock real and stand.


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