Rotary Transfer

  • Hydromat HW 25-12
Hydromat HW25-12

Hydromat HW25-12

Mfd. mid. 1980s
Various options available for units, bar loaders, chip conveyors etc.



  • Knoll Chip Conveyor System
Hydromat Chip Conveyors

Knoll Chip Conveyor System for HW25-12 Hydromat. (2 Available)

  • Buffoli Transfer
Buffoli Transfer

Buffoli Transfer Type 2D-TRB10-8-CNC. SN556. Mfd. 2011, Delivered 2012.

  • Hydromat HW 25-12
Hydromat HW 25-12

Hydromat HW25-12, mfd. 1984. Saw, Bar feed, Inverter. Assorted units.

  • Wirth Gruffat C 126
Wirth Gruffat C 126

  • Mikron CX-24 Rotary Transfer Machine
Mikron CX-24 Rotary Transfer Machine

Mikron CX-24/1500R Rotary Transfer Machine.

Mfd. 2006


Can run with or without cutting fluid.

With Nordmann Tool Break Sensor.

  • BTB Transfer Machine
BTB Transfer Machine

BTB Transfer Machine. Mod. BB524 TRO 10S-10U ISO30 CN-EL. Left side: 4 machining spindles. Right side: 6 machining spindles + 1 Broach, hydraulic pack.

  • Hydromat V-8 Trunnion
Hydromat Trunnion V-8 Transfer Machine

Hydromat V-8 Trunnion. S/N: V8-26, Mfd. 1995. Electric Box, Hydraulic pac, 2 jaw chucks, chip conveyor with coolant sump, bundle loader and platform.

  • Hydromat HW 25-12
Hydromat HW25-12

Hydromat HW25-12, Mfd. 1995. 12 Stations, 25mm. Bar feed, saw, inverter, chip conveyor, assorted units, PLC. Machine just taken out of production.

  • Hydromat HB32/45-16
Hydromat HB32/45-16

Hydromat HB32/45-16, Mfd. 2010. 16-Stations. Saw, bar feed, Inverter, Units as pictured, including (6) CNC units and (2) Vertical units.

  • Hydromat HB45-12
Hydromat HB45-12

Hydromat Pfiffner HB45-12. Mfd. 2001, with 4 meter bar bundle style loader, Saw and Inverter. Units as pictured. One Kininger fine tuning unit with servo motor.

  • Hydromat EPIC HW25-12
Hydromat EPIC HW25-12, CNC Rotary Transfer

Hydromat EPIC HW25-12. Full CNC Rotary transfer machine. Mfd. 2013. Bar feed, saw, inverter, assorted units and tooling, presetter. Less than 1000 hours of use. Contact us for a detailed quote.

  • Heinrich Muller Rotary Swager
Heinrich Muller Rotary Swaging Machine

Heinrich Müller Maschinen Fabrik Automatic Rotary Swaging Machine. Mfd. 2011. Machine type: R5-4-24H-AU. SN: 5746.

  • Hydromat HW 25-12 CNC Rotary Transfer Machine
Hydromat HW 25-12 CNC Rotary Transfer Machine

Hydromat HW25-12, Mfd. 2001, 12,800,000 cycles, motors and controls, electrical box, hydraulic pack, chip conveyor with sump, bar feeder.

Hydromat Epic 32-45-16

Mfd. 2010. Saw, bundle loader, inverter, assorted units. Call for more details.

Hydromat Epic 32-16

Mfd. 2010. With saw, barfeed, inverter, assorted units. Call for more details.


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