Mikron CX-24 Rotary Transfer Machine

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Mikron CX-24/1500R Rotary Transfer Machine.

Mfd. 2006


Can run with or without cutting fluid.

With Nordmann Tool Break Sensor.

Centering device to adjust station support blocks.

Rotary Table ring has index accuracy of +/- 0.002mm and is prepared to hold 24 high-precision work fixtures.

Central Cam controls movements of all working units. Each unit is actioned by an individual linear cam.

Machine is equipped with central lubrication. Coolant tank with capacity of 450 I is integrated in the machine. It is equipped with filters and coolant pump for wet machining or with a chip aspirator and the necessary equipment for dry machining.

Each working station can be equipped with an upper, a lateral or a lower working unit. A maximum of 2 working units can be combined on each station.

4,500,000 cycles.

24v-DC control.

Originally cost $1,789,815.00

Mikron CX-24 Rotary Transfer Machine
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