Acme 2-5/8" RB6

Acme 2-5/8" RB6, s/n 84729A, mfd.

Acme 2-5/8" RB6

Acme-Gridley 2-5/8" RB6, s/n 84168-A mfd. 1951, with motor and controls, stock stand and reel, 5 cross slides, universal conveyor. From government storage. 

Acme 2" RB8

Acme 2" RB8, s/n 85679, mfd. 1981, with pick-off, back finish, chip conveyor. 

Acme 1-5/8" RB8

Acme 1-5/8" RB8, s/n 85189, mfd. 1954. 6 cross slides, shelf in 3rd & 6th positions, Logan Hi-Lo clutch system. ETS to stem .0055

Acme 1-1/4 RB8

Acme 1-1/4 RB-8, s/n AM-40438, w/ motor and controls, stock stand and reel. Cross slides position 8, 1, 3 shelf, 4, 5. 7th position ball lock air pick-off with back finish slide.

Acme 1-1/4" RB8

Acme 1-1/4" RB8 spindle stopper, s/n AM-40069

Acme 1-1/4" RA6

Acme 1-1/4" RA-6, s/n 71251-C, mfd. 1976, w/ stock reel and stand, .001 stem. 

  • INDEX MS32 P

INDEX MS32P. With 4 meter Iemca bar loader. Mfd. 2001. With Pickoff attachment.

  • Euroturn (ZPS) 8-32S Rebuilt
Euroturn (ZPS) 8-32S Rebuilt (Spindle Stopper)

Euroturn ZPS 8-32S. Spindle Stopper. SN: 221193-8139. Remanufactured 2011. Used less than a year since rebuild. Comes with (2) IMG high pressure revolving spindles. Pickup and back finish.

  • Mitsubishi CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic
Mitsubishi CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic, Model M-T35E, (2 Available)

Mitsubishi CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine. 6-spindles. 35mm collets

(1)            SPINDLE CARRIER

  • Mitsubishi CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic,  Model M-T42E
Mitsubishi CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic, Model M-T42E

Mitsubishi CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine. 6-spindles. 42mm collets.

  • Wickman 1-3/8"
Wickman 1-3/8"

Wickman 1-3/8", 6-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine. SN: 15289. Motor and Controls. Stock Reel and Stand. New Spindle Bearings, New Pins and Bushings. Equiped as needed.

  • Schutte SF51
Schutte SF51 S with Cucchi Loader 2002

Schutte SF51 S. Mfd. 2002. Cucchi Bar Feed. Pickoff, Back Burr. Used only 3 years.

  • Euroturn (ZPS) 8-32S
Euroturn (ZPS) (Mori-Say) 8-32S, (Barely Used)

Euroturn 8-32S, Multi-spindle Screw Machine. Remanufactured 2012. Less than 6-months runtime. Machine run only 1,400 hours. Pickup/Back Finish, Threading Clutch, Siemans Servo Feed Drive.

  • INDEX MS 25E Multi-spindle Screw Machine
INDEX MS 25E 6-spindle Screw Machine

INDEX MS 25E, 6-spindle, 25mm multi-spindle screw machine. Motor and controls, stock stand and reel. SN: MS 25E 18103.

  • ACME-GRIDLEY 1-1/4" RB-8 (Rebuild Process)
Acme-Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 REBUILT

ACME-GRIDLEY 1-1/4" RB-8. SN: 40034. Motor and Controls, Stock Reel and Stand, Threading, Pickoff, Equipped as Needed


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