• Tornos AS14 Multi-Spindle Screw Machine
Tornos AS14 Multi-Spindle

6-Spindles, 14mm capacity. With Pickup, Swarf Conveyor, Short Piece detector, Caddie automatic bar loader including cover for acoustic protection. Three machines available!


INDEX MS42C, Mfd. 1999
6-Spindles, 42mm
3.4 Meter Pietro Cucchi Loader
Tooled as pictured.

  • Wickman ACW 6-25
Wickman ACW 6-25

Wickman ACW 6-25 Multi-Spindle Screw Machine. Mfd. 2007. 6 Spindles, 25mm capacity. With Pickoff, Back Finish, Threading, Chip Conveyor, Stock Reel and Stand, Siemens Control.

  • INDEX MS-32C

INDEX MS32C. Mfd. 2004. IEMCA SIR loader (4 meters).

  • Nakamura NTY3 100
Nakamura NTY3 100 Triple Turret Turning Center

Nakamura NTY3 100, Mfd. 2015
CNC Fanuc 31i-A
19" touch screen monitor
Number of turrets: 3

  • INDEX MS32 P

INDEX MS32-P. Mfd. 2000. IEMCA SIR 4 meter loader. 

Acme-Gridley 1-5/8" RBN-8

Acme-Gridley 1-5/8" RBN-8. SN: 40191. Stock Reel and Stand. Universal Chip Conveyor. .0015 ETS to Stem. Universal Threading with air trip cylinder. 

1-5/8" Acme-Gridley RBNC-8 Refurbished

1-5/8" RBNC-8, ACME-Gridley. SN: AM-40812. Mfd. 1981. Motor and Controls, Stock Reel and Stand. Cross slides in 8, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, with 3rd and 6th cutoff slides. 5th pos.

  • Wickman 5/8"
Wickman 5/8" 6-Spindle

Wickman 5/8" 6-Spindle

SN: 13159
Motor and Controls
stock stand and reel
6-cross slides, 2-upper independant slides
Pickoff Attachment, and chip conveyor

  • Wickman 1-3/4" 8-Spindle
1-3/4" 8-sp Wickman

1-3/4” 8-sp. Wickman, mfd. in 1981, with motor and controls, stock reel and stand, 6 cross slides, Universal Threading.


  • Schutte SC7-32
Schutte SC7-32

Schutte SC7-32, Mfd. 2012, 7-Spindles. 32mm. Cucchi Bar Loader 3.3 Meters. Very little use!

Call for more information.


  • Gildemeister GM35 AC
Gildemeister GM35 AC Spindle Stopper

Gildemeister GM35 AC. Mfd. 1997. Spindle Stopper. With Pickoff, CNC Slide, Stock and Reel and Stand, Chip Conveyor, Mist Collector. 

Index MS32-P

INDEX MS32P. Mfd. 2000. 4 meter Iemca Loader. Reasonably priced. (2) Machines Available.

Contact us for more specifications.

  • Schutte A 36 PC
Schutte A 36 PC

Schutte A 36 PC CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machine. SN: 04. Mfd. 2006. 8-Spindles, 37mm Bar Capacity. With Stock Reel and Stand, Chiller, Mist Collector and new BECKHOFF control.

Schutte AF32

Schutte AF32. SN: Series 11, N. 6. Mfd. 1985. 8-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine. Pickoff and Back Finish, Threading. Stock Reel and Stand. 8 Cross Slides, Programmable RPM motor.

Acme 2" RB8

Acme 2" RB-8, s/n 85603, mfd. 1977, w/ motor and controls, stock stand and reel, 6 slides with 3rd position and 6th position shelf, Logan threading clutch in 5th position. ETS stem .008. 


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