Willemin-Macodel 518MT

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Willemin-Macodel 518MT

Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining Center
mfd. 2005
equipped with:
Renishaw Probe TS-27R Square Stylus
Renishaw RMP60 Probe
Dual Pneumatic Vise
Collet Nose
Automatic Power Chuck
Fire Extinguishing System
Chip Conveyor
Spindle Chiller
Hydraulic Unit
Coolant Pump
Foot Pedals for Chuck and Vise Operations
Dimensions: 4300 x 2400 x 2400 mm
Weight: 4600 kg

X-Y-Z Travel: 630/320/500 mm
Max. Feed Rate: 40 m/min
Axial Force: 3700 N
Accuracy: 0,0001 mm (0.1 μm) Powered Spindle
Standard Interface: HSK-A63
Power S1/S6: 14 kW/16 kW
Torque S1/S6: 41 Nm/49 Nm
Speed: 30,000 rpm Swiveling B-Axis
Hole Thru Spindle: 64.77 mm
Angular Movement: -10° to +100°
Scale Resolution: 0,0001°
Max. Torque: 500 Nm
Hydraulic Brake: 800 Nm Horizontal A-Axis Milling Mode
Drive Unit: Torque Motor
Angular Movement: 360°
Scale Resolution: 0,001°
Max. Torque: 250 Nm
Hydraulic Brake: 300 Nm
Max. Rotation Speed: 150 rpm Horizontal A-Axis Turning Mode
Max. Rotation Speed: 3,000 rpm A-Axis
Power: 30kW to 100% ED Ø Through Bore
Max. Ø: 65 mm "Pick-Up" Tool Magazine
Number of Tools: 72 HSK A63 Cartesian
Tool-to-Tool Changing: 4 sec
Chip-to-Chip Change: 8 sec
Max. Tool Ø: 100 mm
Max. Tool Ø Vacant Post: 125 mm
Max. Tool Length: 200 mm
Max. Tool Weight: 5 kg Coolant
Reservoir Capacity: 350 I
Pump Capacity: 100 I/min 4 Bar Pressure Hydraulic Unit
Nominal Pressure: 100 Bar Numerical Control

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