Tsugami B038T

Machine Specifications

Machining Range, machining capacity:

·         Bar stock diameter:  8-38mm

·         Max. machining length:  250mm

·         Main Spindle

o    Max drilling diameter:  16mm

o    Max tapping size:  M14

·         Back Spindle-Turret

o    Max chucking diameter:  38mm

o    Max drilling diameter:  16mm

o    Max tapping size:  M12

·         Front Tool Post

o    Max crossing drilling diameter:  10mm

o    Max crossing tapping size:  M6

·         Turret

o    Max rotary tool drilling diameter:  16mm

o    Max rotary tool tapping size:  M10

·         Back Tool Post:

o    Max rotary tool drilling diameter:  8mm

o    Max rotary tool tapping size:  M6

o    Max fixed tool drilling diameter:  10mm

o    Max fixed tool tapping size:  M10


·         Main spindle speed:  200 - 5,000 min

·         Back spindle speed:  200 - 7,000 min

·         Cross drill speed on front tool post:  200 - 5,000 min (optional)

·         Rotary tool speed on turret:  200 - 8,000 min

·         Main spindle indexing:  C axis

·         Back spindle indexing:  C axis

·         Total tool storage capacity

o    Turret:  8 stations (4x8 stations = 32)

o    Front tool post (standard): Turning: 7

o    Front tool post:  Turning:  3

o    Front tool post:  Cross drill:  3 (optional)

o    Back tool post:  fixed:3, live: 3

·         Tool size

o    Turret:  20mm x 20mm x 125mm

o    Front tool post:  16mm x 16mm x 125mm

·         Rapid traverse rate

o    X1, X2, X3:  24 m/min

o    Y1, Y2, Y3:  24 m/min

o    Z1, Z2, Z3:  24 m/min


·         Main Spindle:  7.5/11kW

·         Back Spindle:  3.7/5.5 kW

·         Live tool on front tool post:  1.0kW

·         Live tool on turret:  1.4 kW

·         Live tool on back tool post:  1.0kW

·         Coolant pump:  0.39/0.62kW (50Hz/60Hz)

·         Lubricating oil pump:  3 W

Power source and other

·         Net Weight:  6,200 kg

·         Power source requirement:  45 KVA

·         Compressed air requirement:  0.5 MPa or more

·         Air discharge rate:  100 NL/min

·         Width x depth x height:  3,427 x 1,875 x 1,840

NC Specifications (Standard)

·         NC unit:  FANUC 31i-B

·         Axis names:  X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Y2, Z2, C2, X3, Y3, Z3

·         Least input increment:  0.001mm (X1, X2, X3 axes in diameter)

·         Least command increment:  X1, X2, X3 axes:  0.0005 mm, other:  0.001 mm

·         Maximum programmable dimension:  8 digits

·         Interpolation method:  Linear/Circular

·         Cutting feed rate:  1 to 6,000 mm/min

·         Feed rate override:  0 to 150% in 10% increments

·         Dwell:  G04 0 to 99999.999

·         ABS/INC command:  X, Y, Z, C: absolute, U, V, W, H: Incremental

·         Tool offset value:  6 digits

·         Tool offset pairs:  Sum of all paths: 200 pairs

·         LCD/MDI:  10.4" color LCD

·         Part program storage size:  Sum of all paths: 256 kbytes (equivalent to 640m tape length)

·         Number of registerable programs: 500 (Sum of all paths)

·         Auxiliary functions:  M5 digits

·         Spindle function:  S5 digits

·         Tool function:  T4 digits

All options and specifications subject to buyer confirmation.

Equipped with:

·         Fanuc 31iB CNC control

·         Edge Patriot 338 Magazine Bar loader

·         Full C-Axis on main & sub spindles

·         Parts conveyor

·         2 Spindle cross drill

·         8 Position turret with 32 station capability, all 8 stations can be live

·         Back tool post with 3 fixed and 3 live positions

·         Chip conveyor

·         High pressure coolant

·         (1) Live tool holder mounted to turret

·         All available static tool holders

·         All available manuals



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