Traub TNX 65/42 CNC Turning Center

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Mfd. 2007

3 Turrets,
Main Spindle: 65mm
Sub Spindle: 42mm
LNS 12’ bar feeder for 1-1/8” to 1-3/4” round stock 

Number of Axes: 13 
Number of Spindles: 2 
Floor Space: 231”(L) x 91.2”(W) x 106’’   (H) 
Weight: 22k lbs 
Supply Voltage: 400 V 
Installed Power: 80 kVA 
Main Spindle: 

Nose: A2-6 
Power: 53 HP 
Speed: 5000 RPM 
Max Bar Capacity: 65mm/2.5” 
Max Turning Dia: 6.88” 
C-  Axis Indexing Precision: 0.001 Degrees 

Counter Spindle: 
Nose: A2-5 
Power: 37.5 HP 
Speed: 5000 RPM 
Max Bar Capacity: 42mm/1.65” 
Max Turning Dia: 6.3” 
C-  Axis Indexing Precision: 0.001 Degrees 
Turning Length: 25.5” 
X/Z Stroke: 13.3”/25.6” 
Y-Axis Stroke: +/- 1.57” 
B-Axis Stroke: +/- 3.7” 
B-Axis Indexing Precision: 0.001 Degrees 
Tool Type: HSK 40 
Spindle Speeds: 12000 RPM 
Spindle Power: 7.3 HP 
Tool Changer: 
Auto Tool Changer – Loading Arm – Capacity: 80 ATC 

Interior Turrets: 3 
Positions: 10 
Motor Positions: 10 
X/Z Stroke: 6.8” 
Y Axis: +/- 1.57” 
Tool Type: VDI 30 
Live Tools Speed: 6000 RPM 
Tool Power: 7.3 HP 
Live Tool Heads for Z&X axis (static stay) 
Roller heads 
Angled tool holders 
Coolant chiller 
Part removal gantry and conveyor 
Fx900 Mister 
Trap Conveyor 
LNS 12’ bar feeder for 1-1/8” to 1-3/4” round stock 
Tool Monitoring system 
Have operator, program, electrical, and maintenance manuals 
Lots of repair parts 
Cutting mainly 304

Under Power

Manufacture Date: 

Vertical Tabs

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