Tornos MultiSwiss 8x26

1 x CNC multispindle machine Tornos MultiSwiss 8 x 26
Year of Manufacture: 2019
8-spindle machine
Operating hours approx. 10.000 h
Bar capacity: 8-26 mm
Cross slide on all layers
Parts pre-drawing device
2 x driven tool
Counter spindle
Backworking 1 x rigid / 1 x driven
2 x 80 bar HD pumps additionally
Chip conveyor Knoll
Automatic bar loading magazine (single loader)
The machine is still in production and runs on oil

Max Workpiece length: 65 mm
Max Remnant length: 140 mm
Drum switching times: 0.48 sec.
Max. Spindle speed: 8000 1/min
Power of spindles: 11.00 kW
Torque of spindles: 17/24 Nm
Max. Speed of counter spindles: 8000 1/min
Power of counter spindle motor: 11.00 kW
Torque of counter spindle motor: 12.0/15.5 Nm
Stroke of the spindle, Z direction: 75 mm
Stroke of counter spindle, Z-axis: 150 mm
Number of linear axis: 18
Number of Y-axes: 0
Number of rotary axes (C axis): 8+1
Number of cross slides in the main machining: 7+1 (cut)
X-stroke of the cross slides in the main machining operation 80 mm
X-stroke of the cross slides in the main machining with Y-axis: 55
Y-stroke of the cross slides in the main machining operation: 33 mm
Stroke of the cross slides in the X-axis in the counter operation: 170 mm
Z-stroke of the cross slides in the counter operation: 150 mm
Max. Number of tools: 31
Max. Number of tools in counter operation: 4
Max. Number of tools of driven tools in counter operation: 2
Spindle cooling: with oil
Cutting oil filtration: 50 ┬Ám
Cutting oil volume: 2000 l
Standard cutting oil pump: Outlet pressure 4.50 bar, Flow rate 140 l/min
High pressure pump: Outlet pressure 80 bar, Flow rate 36 l/min
Max. Length: 9000 mm
Max. Width: 2260 mm
Max. Height: 2160 mm
Weight: 15000 kg
Installed Power: 140 kW
Numerical Control: Fanuc
Programming System: TB-DECO ADV

MultiSwiss 8x26
Manufacture Date: 

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