Tornos DECO 13

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Tornos DECO 13

- Mfd. 2001
- 10-Axis Swiss Style Screw Machine.
- 16mm Bar Capacity (.630"), Sliding Headstock, 12,000 RPM, F20 Collet (Bars above 13mm need to be chamfered for magazine loaders)
-  S1 Main Spindle Positioning & Stopping with 0,1 degree icrements
- 10 Axis Standard (Z1, X1, Y1, X2, Y2, X3, Z3, X4, Y4, Z4,) C1-C4 optional
- 2 Five Position Vertical Linear Cross Slides (X1, Y1, & X2, Y2)
- 10 Presetable Toolholders for Cross Sliders (use 12x12mm tools)
- Motorization S2 for driving 3 live rear cross slide tools, 8,000 RPM (with (4) #3100 Stationary tool blocks with 25mm bore)
- S4 Counter Spindle Carries, 12,000 RPM (Y4, & Z4) F20 Collet
- Counter Operations tool post, for 3 Horizontal & 3 Vertical Positions (Includes (3) #3100 Stationary tool blocks, with 25mm bore)
- Pivoting Workpiece Separator on the Counter Spindle with Discharge Channel outside parts box
- Pneumatic System with Conditioning Unit
- Coolant Pump with Variable Output and Removable Oil Tank
- Removable Chip Container, Work light with Magnetic Base
- Wrenches and other setting tools
- Standard Voltage: 220V or 440V 3ph., 60 hertz (select @ time of order)
- Parallel Numerical Control: PNC-DECO 32 bit (Fanuc)
- Absolute Encoders (referencing of machine axes not required)
- 31 tool corrections per each PNC axis
- High Resolution Monochrome Screen, Override functions
- Operator's Control Panel for machine functions and adjustments
- Operator Messages and Alarms in Plain Language
- Capability to physically run the program forward or in reverse
- (TB-DECO) Programmig Software, Calculation of actual cycle time
- (SIM-DECO) Graphic Simulation Program, (DNC-DECO) Program Transfer
- Client's Minimum PC Requirement: Pentium 200/32MB Ram



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