Citizen L32 CNC Swiss Type Lathe

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Citizen L32 CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe, live tools, sub-spindle, mfd 2000

General specifications per brochure:
Control:  Cincom System IVC
Maximum Stock Diameter:  1-1/4"
Maximum Length per Chucking:  10"
Maximum Drilling Diameter:  ER 16 collet up to .394"
Main Spindle Speed:  200-8000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor:  5 HP; 15 min. rating:  5 HP
Maximum Chucking Diameter:  1"
Pick-Off Spindle Speed:  200-6000 RPM
Pick-Off Spindle Motor:  3 HP
Main Spindle Index:  .01 Degrees
Sub-Spindle Index:  15 Degrees (Optional 1 Deg)
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed:  200-5000 RPM
Rotary Tool Motor:  .5 HP
Number of Tools to be Mounted:  17
Turning Tools:  5
Front Work ID Tools:  3
Back Work ID Tools:  5
Live Tools:  4
Tool Size, Square Shank:  5/8"; ID Sleeve:  1"
Power Consumption:  11 KVA
Weight (approx.):  5,512 lbs.
Equipped with (must be verified by buyer):
Optional Accessories with This Machine:
IEMCA Boss 542 CNC Magazine Type Bar Feed with LL Pusher, Spindle Liners
C-Axis Control for Main Spindle
1 Deg Indexing for Sub-Spindle
All Available Manuals
Canned Cycle for Drilling
Main/Back Spindle Synchronous Rotation Function
Synchronous Tapping
Milling Interpolation
Long Work Piece Adapter with Liner
Leveling Pads
Parts Catcher Tray
Work Piece Conveyor


Manufacture Date: 

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