Acme-Gridley 2-5/8" RB-6

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Acme-Gridley 2-5/8" RB-6

Mfd. 1975 

ETS to Stem Lift .0015.
6 Spindles
2-5/8" Capacity
With motor and controls
Stock reel and stand
Universal chip conveyor
Cross slides positions 6, 1, 3, 4, 5 cut-off style
Cyclo-Index hi/low
Cyclo-Index Geneva gear
3rd position universal threading with Logan clutches
4th position universal threading with Logan clutches
5th position accelerated reaming attachment

Machine tooled as follows: 
Hardinge Master Collets 
Hardinge Master Feed Fingers 
6th Position - ETS Holder 
2nd Position - ETS Holder 
3rd Position - Slitters 54-53 Ramp Recess 
4th Position - ETS Holder with Floating Reamer Holder, Flat Form Holder 
5th Position - Accelerated Reamer Holder 
Three (3) boxes with miscellaneous tooling with flat form cross slide tool holders, knee turners, miscellaneous cams, miscellaneous Hardinge collet pads, and Hardinge pusher pads.

2-5/8" RB-6
Serial Number: 
Manufacture Date: 

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