Should I buy a Cobot or a Good Old Fashioned Robot?, with James Persenaire of FANUC

June 26, 2023 - 2:50pm -- Selcuk Gulboy

On this podcast I spoke with James Persenaire, a district manager at FANUC America Corporation. James gave insight into the strengths and weaknesses of collaborative robots and how Fanuc’s collaborative robots differ from competitors such as Universal Robot. He also addressed misconceptions about traditional robots that they are expensive and dangerous. He emphasized that the integration of the robot is the primary factor in both its cost and safety.

We ran this episode back in 2019 (Ep. 38), but it seems to be even more relevant to people in manufacturing in 2023, as people are embracing more AI technology and trying to combat a labor shortage.

In the used machinery business, we are seeing more and more customers purchasing robots. Manufacturers have the following choices–find more good people, buy expensive complex technology that can produce parts complete, or purchase robots that enable multiple operations for a job smoothly. All of these strategies can work, and the diversified manufacturers competent in all three are the ones who dominate.

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Question: Have you brought robots into your machining operation?

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