Machines I'm Thankful for and More

November 26, 2013 - 1:16pm -- Noah Graff


  • I'm thankful for our 8-32 Euroturn (ZPS). Rigid, fast, accurate. A modern beautiful, multi-spindle, almost as beautiful as the Czech women who live where it's built.
  • I'm thankful for traditional cutting oil. No, not the water soluble stuff which destroys beautiful machine tools.
  • I'm thankful to live and work in a country which still manufactures many of the best parts in the world at competitive prices. 
  • I'm thankful for all our Wickmans, solid, high precision multi-spindle screw machines, great for quick changeover. Why buy any other machine?



  • I'm thankful for our Tornos DECOs. Fine Swiss CNC lathes, hailing from the land the technology was conceived. (Thankful for the Swiss pretzels too)
  • I'm thankful for good truck drivers, roads, and containers, which get our machines to customers safely and pretty darn fast--usually.

  • I'm thankful for our Acme-Gridley 8-spindle machines. Rigid, work horse screw machines with 8-spindles to do complex parts. Hard to believe most of them are older than I am.



  • I'm thankful for our Hydromat HW25-12, a machine that can spit out complex parts by the millions. Ask us about our HB 32/45-16 on the way to our shop too.
  • I'm thankful to work with my dad, Lloyd, on a daily basis. He's fun, shrewd, and respects me as a peer. Sometimes we differ on wardrobe decisions. 
  • I'm thankful for our loyal customers, who buy spare parts daily, and are going to call us today to buy machines! You're one of them right?

  • I'm thankful for all of my coworkers at Graff-Pinkert, people who appear to genuinely take pride in what they do, and seem to like each other--most of the time.


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