ACME GRIDLEY 1-5/8" RBN-8 Rebuild

August 22, 2013 - 2:09pm -- Noah Graff
ACME GRIDLEY 1-5/8" RBN-8, Refurbished by Graff-Pinkert

Graff-Pinkert has several excellent ACME GRIDLEY 1-5/8" RBN-8 machines in stock. The ACME 1-5/8" RBN-8 was the latest design ACME GRIDLEY produced for that size diameter. The machine's frame is the same as that of an ACME 1-1/4" RB-8 making it smaller than its predecessor model, the ACME 1-5/8" RB-8. It has a significantly quicker indexing time than the 1-5/8" RB-8, making it the preferred 8-spindle screw machine for many ACME shops. Graff-Pinkert sells ACME GRIDLEY 1-5/8" RBN-8 machines refurbished or in as-is condition. Our extensive refurbishing process includes grinding the machine's stem, boring and bushing the end toolslide, rebuilding the finger holder assemblies, rebuilding the back end of the machine, and installing new end toolslide holders bored in line. We will also install any needed slides and attachments. We clean and paint the machine the color of your choice (pink on some occasions). All Graff-Pinkert machines come with a 30-day guarantee. Our technicians are readily available to support you. 

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