• Schutte SG18
Schutte SG18

Schutte SG18 Multi-Spindle Screw Machine. Mfd. 1997, 6 Spindles, 18mm Capacity. Siemens PLC. Pickoff and Back Finish. Stock Reel and Stand. PRA bar loader, Chip Conveyor.

  • Wickman ACW 6-16
Wickman ACW 6-16

Wickman ACW 6-16 Multi-Spindle Screw Machine. Mfd. 2008. 6 Spindles, 16mm capacity. With Pickoff and Back Finish, Chip Conveyor, Stock Reel and Stand, Siemens Control.

  • Wickman ACW 6-25
Wickman ACW 6-25

Wickman ACW 6-25 Multi-Spindle Screw Machine. Mfd. 2007. 6 Spindles, 25mm capacity. With Pickoff, Back Finish, Threading, Chip Conveyor, Stock Reel and Stand, Siemens Control.

  • Tornos Multi-DECO 26/6
Tornos MultiDECO 26/6

MultiDECO 26/6, Mfd. 2000. 18,720 hours. 

  • Davenport Model B
Davenport 3/4" Spindle Stopper Collet Chucker

Davenport Model B, 3/4" Spindle Stopper Collet Chucker. SN: 12134. Mfd. 1985. Gull wing splash guards. Chip conveyor. .002 headstock clearance. Can be converted into standard bar machine.

  • Tornos MultiSIGMA 8 x 24
Tornos MultiSIGMA 8 x 24 Multi-Spindle Screw Machine

Tornos MultiSIGMA 8 x 24, mfd. 2010
5,689 Hours
Parallel Control PNC-DECO: Fanuc 30i-TB
(2) Counter Spindles
4-meter Robobar MSF-HC-522/8

  • Mori-Say 8/32S
Mori-Say (Euroturn) 8/32 Spindle Stopper

Mori-Say (Euroturn) 8/32 S, Mfd. 1997. With Spindle Stopping, Pickoff Back Finish, Threading, 8 Spindles, 32mm capacity, PB35 Pietro Cucchi Loader, Balluff Control, Chip Conveyor.

  • Tornos BS20-B
Tornos BS20-B Spindle Stopper

Tornos BS20-B Spindle Stopper. Mfd. 1993. 8-Spindles. 20mm. Pickoff, Back Finish, Spindle Stopping. PRA Bar Loader. Ran only oil. Currently in production. Two machines available!

  • New Britain 52
New Britain Model 52

New Britain Model 52, SN: 39360, mfd. 1978, with motor and controls, 6 cross slides, universal threading, chip conveyor, stock and reel and stand, extra cams and holders, gears.

  • Gildemeister GMC35 ISM
Gildemeister GMC35 ISM

Gildemeister GMC35. Mfd. 2003. 6-Spindles. 35mm bar capacity. Siemens Control. IEMCA SIR36 Bar Loader. Two Pickoffs (1 large and 1 small). Working hours: 30989. Still running production.

  • Davenport Model B
Davenport Model B

Davenport Model B.  With Threading, Pickoff, NOISE-TAMER Sound Enclosure. Several available (not pictured)

  • ACME 1-5/8" MRBN-8
Mitsubishi ACME 1-5/8" MRBN-8

Mitsubishi-Acme 1-5/8" MRBN-8. With 5th position air trip universal threading, universal chip conveyor, stock reel and stand, accelerated reaming. Three machines available.

  • Wickman 1-3/4" Spindle Stopper
Wickman 1-3/4" Spindle Stopper

Wickman 1-3/4" Six Spindle, Spindle Stopper. SN: 20269, mfd. 1988. Stopping in Position 5. Motor and controls, stock reel and stand, 6 cross slides, Screw type chip conveyor.

  • Schutte SF26 S
Schutte SF26 S DNT, with Cucchi Loader

Schutte SF26 S Multi-spindle Screw Machine. Mfd. 1999. 6-spindles. Pickoff and Back finish. 6 Slides. 4 meter Pietro Cucchi Bar Loader.

  • Tornos Multi Alpha 8 x 20
Tornos MULTI ALPHA 8x20

Tornos MULTIALPHA 8x20 8-Spindle CNC Multispindle. Fanuc Control. 20mm diameter. Mfd. 2006 (delivered 2007). 4 Meter Robobar MSF-522 Bar Feed. 2 Counter Spindles. 2 High Pressure Pumps: 100 Bar.

  • INDEX MS-32C

INDEX MS32C. Mfd. 2005. IEMCA SIR loader (4 meters). Knoll Chip Conveyor. Siemens C200-4D Control. Tooled as pictured. Currently running production.


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