A Hydromat Just How You Want It

January 30, 2014 - 10:10am -- Noah Graff
Hydromat HB 32-16 Rotary Transfer Machine for sale by Graff-Pinkert

Graff-Pinkert just got in two Hydromats, an HB32-16 and an HW25-12! We are offering the hydromats with just a saw, bar feed and inverter, then customers can choose from our wide selection of units to get the right configuration for their specific jobs. Why buy units you don't need, just because a machine happened to have those units? Because Graff-Pinkert is one of the few Hydromat resellers that actually stocks Hydromats at our facility, we have the flexibility to sell you a cleaned and painted machine that will arrive on your floor ready to run. 


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