(Euroturn, ZPS, Mori-Say)

Graff-Pinkert stocks a variety of late model Euroturn multispindle screw machines. Euroturn screw machines also go by the name ZPS and Mori-Say (in Europe). Graff-Pinkert sells both 8-spindle and 6-spindle ZPS machines of varying diameters. We sell Euroturn 6-25, Euroturn 6-32, Euroturn 6-42, Euroturn 8-32, and Euroturn 8-42 multiple-spindle screw machines. Graff-Pinkert acquires Mori-Say machines from our vast network of manufacturers worldwide. Often matched with Cucchi magazine bar loaders, Euroturns are great machines for achieving tight tolerances in high volumes on complicated parts.  They are rigid, versatile, and precise machines, quick to change over to new jobs.

  • Euroturn 8/32-M

Euroturn (ZPS) 8/32-M  

Mfd. 1999
Type: SAY 8/42
SN: 221134-0156

With Motor & Controlls
8 Spindles
42mm Capacity

  • Mori-Say 8/32 S Spindle Stopper

Pietro Cucchi Loader PB35 for Mori-Say (Euroturn 8/32), 3.3 meters

Mfd. 1996

  • Mori-Say 8/32S

Mori-Say (Euroturn) 8/32 S, Mfd. 1997. With Spindle Stopping, Pickoff Back Finish, Threading, 8 Spindles, 32mm capacity, PB35 Pietro Cucchi Loader, Balluff Control, Chip Conveyor.

  • Euroturn 8-32 Spindle Stopper

Euroturn (Mori-Say) 8-32 Spindle Stopper. SN: 221133-0211. Mfd. 2000. With Pickoff and Back Finish, Drum and Support, Siemens Control, Chip Conveyor, PRA 40/38F Bar Loader.

  • Euroturn (ZPS) 8-32S

Euroturn 8-32S, Multi-spindle Screw Machine. Remanufactured 2012. Less than 6-months runtime. Machine run only 1,400 hours. Pickup/Back Finish, Threading Clutch, Siemans Servo Feed Drive.

  • Mori-Say 6-42

Euroturn 6-42 (ZPS) (Mori-Say). 6-Spindle 42mm Screw Machine. Mfd. 1997. Motor and controls (Allen Bradley control), Pickup attachment, Back Finish attachment, Universal Threading Clutches.

  • Euroturn (ZPS) 6-32M, Multi-spindle Screw Machine

Euroturn 6-32M (ZPS) (Mori-Say). 6 Spindles. Spindles expanded to 42mm Screw Machine. Mfd.

  • Euroturn 8-32 (ZPS, Mori-Say)

Euroturn 8-32 SUS/N 221133-0260,With C.E. Mark,Mfd.

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